Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My obsession with "lite" rules systems

I admit it.  I am obsessed with "lite" variations of D&D.  For anyone that has played the game extensively in any form, you don't need hundreds of pages of rules.  If you ignore spells, monsters and treasure, you only need a few pages of rules to play the game.  Even if you and some spells monsters and magical items, you can make a decent variant of the game in under 20 pages.  Some of my favorites so far include:

  1. Searchers of the Unknown
  2. Microlite20/ Microlite74
  3. Heroes of the Mythic Age.
These rules systems, and other like them are inspiring me to write my own variation and to keep it simple.  So many systems are overly burdened with rules that are rarely used.  Better to leave it out of the rules and let the GM make a ruling a later time if needed.

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