Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How the game was played, Part II: Megadungeon

This post over at Roles, Rules, and Rolls got me thinking about my experiences with 2e.  Up until that point I had never encountered a megadungeon, but one of the first 2e games I got involved with was based in WGR1-Greyhawk Ruins.  Two things stand out about this campaign.  First, the rules were pretty much "by the book".  To my recollection, most of the 2e games I played used the rules as they were written. Of course this was long before there was a glut of material for 2e.  Secondly, or most importantly, this was what came to be called "the short people's campaign"  as the party was comprised almost entirely of dwarves, with a halfling thief and a gnome illusionist thrown in to round out the party.   It was also the largest group I ever gamed with, ranging from 8-10 players each session.  The game lasted several months, as the party slogged its way through the first several levels of the Tower of War.  The game broke up after one particular incident involving a new player and his unique character introduction.  He had special permission from the GM to play a half-elf, as we had begun to see the need for more variety in the party.  This had already caused a problem with some of the players, but nobody was ready for what came next.

GM:  Ok, the party comes around the corner of the hallway, and sees this guy.  Describe your character.
Newb:  You see an elven figure with dark purple skin and white hair.  In his hand....
Party full of Dwarves (in unison):  A Drow!!!
Trigger-happy Dwarf:  I shoot him in the head with my heavy crossbow!
GM: Roll to hit
Newb:  But, but....
Trigger-happy Dwarf:  Natural 20! (I saw the roll.  Everyone did.  It was a 20)
Newb: Huh?!
GM: Are you wearing a helmet?  How many hit points do you have?
Newb:  What? Uh, no helm, I'm wearing a hood.  Why are you shooting at me?!
Trigger-happy Dwarf:  Too late now.
GM:  Let me see you character sheet son.
Newb:  (Cries) But I'm a good Drow.
Dwarf #2:  The only good Drow is a dead Drow.
Dwarf #3: Well, I guess that makes him a good Drow after all!

The new player's friends weren't happy either, and it did break up the game, but it was soooo worth it.

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  1. absolutely hilarious! :D Can't stop laughing even on the second read-through. Thank you for sharing that memorable story.