Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A quick kickstarter plug

Whether you use miniatures for roleplaying for for wargaming, you should take the time to check out Red-Box Games.  Tre makes some of the most amazing sculpts I've ever seen.  Currently he has a kickstarter going to help him retool his production from metal and resin castings to a new hybrid plastic design.  It's already funded, but there are some great stretch goals, and it is a great opportunity to pick up some top notch minis at a great price.

If you are a fan of Chaos, you have to check these out!


  1. His sculpts do rock. I wish he did sci-fi.

  2. So do I. Scibor has some nice alternatives for certain Space Marine Chapters, but I'd like to see some more nice Imperial Guard variants.

  3. Customer service is awesome at Red-Box games as well. Had some small errors in shipping and they went WAY out of their way to make sure I was satisfied.