Friday, April 20, 2012

How big is a potion?

I've always wondered how much liquid constitutes 1 dose of a potion. Are we talking a 12oz soda/beer? A 6-8oz cup of coffee/tea?  A 1-2oz shot, or something even smaller like the 1-2ml vials that perfume samples come in?  If they are the larger size, I know some characters that wander dungeons with the equivalent of a case of beer (very expensive beer at that).  From a practical standpoint, I think the 1-2oz size makes sense, but for some reason I've always envisioned potions as larger than that.


  1. If it helps, GURPS pegs all potions at 1/2 lb. including a 1/4 lb. container, which would make them 4 fluid ounces. That is about right for "big enough" but not "how the heck do you drink this down in one go?"

  2. That seems reasonable. I might also be interesting to have variable size potions, the smaller ones being more valuable.